Country Way Landscaping (CWL) is a family-run British owned company that has been operating in the UAE for 10 years. We have a joint experience of over 32 years in the UAE and over 25 years in the UK. Our compact and efficient company offers a personal touch to all the projects we undertake and enables us to keep our prices competitive whilst maintaining high standards and customer satisfaction.

Country Way Landscaping (CWL) is committed to energy, water, and environmental saving. All of our installations use the most technologically advanced systems and our landscaping is always in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Landscaping, Irrigation, Design, and Architecture

CWL has a comprehensive range of services to offer, which we are sure will complete a proficient package to suit our customers. Consultation, site inspection, design implementation, landscape & irrigation installation, and aftercare maintenance complete the variety of services on hand.

CWL necessitates pushing the boundaries of conventional design to achieve innovative and superior quality landscapes that set the standards for others.

Materials and Products

We have a wide range of products from Lawns, shrubs, palm trees, flowers, rockery, wood bark, rocks and cobbles, Irrigation design, installation, and maintenance, Soft & Hardscaping Landscape Services Companies In United Arab Emirates, using advanced modern technology systems for reliability, efficiency, and economy.


  • Stone Works
  • Water Features
  • Timers and Controllers
  • Woodworks
  • Fertilizers, Chemicals and Compost
  • Swimming Pools and Jacuzzi
  • Lighting
  • Artificial Turf Lawns